Friday 19 August 2011

Compensation for Bed Bug Bites...

On first reading this came into the "you must be joking" category but no, here's something else for hotels to worry about...

The full article is from Travel Mole and headlines that Hotel pays guests £1,600 after they were bitten in the night.

The London hotel paid two sisters £1,600 compensation after they were bitten by bed bugs in their room and fears must be that it will just be the tip of an iceberg or a tiny bitesize peice of what may follow if it opens the flood gates to other claims by hotel guests suffering similar.

Apparently bed bug infestations are reportedly on the rise across the developed world and the number of patients treated in the UK alone for bug bites has risen 19% in the last year and are a particular problem for hotels as the bugs travel on clothing and in bags, so they can easily spread.

After seeking legal advice from their solicitors the guests reached an out-of-court settlement with the hotel - you thought they may have added a no publicity vclause to the settlement don't you!

Apparently They told BBC Radio 5 Live they would spend the £1,600 on a holiday - would you book them in?

The image is from a site that will tell you all you need to know about bed bugs. Have fun reading

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Amy Smith said...

It's really great that they are promoting visitor safety.
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