Thursday 22 July 2010

Kingsbarns on Facebook

If you're wondering whether it's worth having your business on Facebook or not you could do worse than have a look at the simple but effective us of Facebook by Kingsbarns Golf Links.

Okay there may not be any devastating content on their but I'm sure it may well gravitate to offers, exclusives and provide other benefits.

In the meantime however it's great at giving the visitors a platform to sing its prasies, publish images and communicate the personal touches that make, I believe, Kingsbarns, the most accommodating and personable of all of Scotland's golf courses.

If you've never visited before you really must and many courses in the country would benefit from their whole attitude. It's a magnificent course for sure but it is the welcome which adds the value. Quality service but without servility or formality. It remains a quintessential Scottish, indeed Fife, welcome. Welcoming without being fawning. Kingsbarns Facebook can allow this essence to be captured so simply.

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