Friday 11 March 2011

Ayrshire Tourism Workshop

Ayrshire based tourism marketing company Plan B were delighted to be able to present for twenty minutes last week at an Ayrshire Tourism event at Ayr Racecourse as part of Scottish Tourism Week.

The morning was themed on tourism collaboration and featured speakers on activities, developing the food product and then Plan B on how businesses can make better use of online marketing to distribute the collaborative product.

Plan B promised that they'd upload some thoughts and a copy of the presentation for those attending and true to their word (albeit a little later than planned!) here it is.

Ian McCaig's presentation style is under normal conditions a little manic but when he's told that he's only got twenty minutes rather than the original thirty it becomes even more so...

The aim however was to make the audience think and reflect on the bigger picture not the detail. It was to motivate and inpsire action rather than give a comprehensive understanding of every nuance of online marketing and distribution. In that sense if any member of the audience left thinking that they now know that they CAN do more then it was a success.

So what you can download below is a copy of the presentation, a client guide for Google Accounts and Blogger, an introduction to Bookassist online booking engine and some links at the foot to get some idea of what other businesses in Ayrshire are doing.

Download Documents:

Plan B Ayrshire Tourism Presenation
A Guide To... Google Blogs
A Guide to... Google Account
Introduction to Bookassist Booking Engine

Ayrshire Tourism - Content Managed Websites:

Blogging Examples:
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