Monday 2 August 2010

Scottish Enterprise - Value for Money?

In the light of all of the figures being pushed about about budget cuts and job losses across the public sector it would seem logical that tourism and hospitality will feel the pain in terms of budget reductions and staffing cuts. However there are arguments made that in fact these cuts may actually be of a benefit to the development of Scottish tourism and not a hindrance.

Over the next couple of weeks we'll try to explore the arguments further and identify just where the public sector should be spending its hospitality pound if anywhere. I've heard the argument made most strongly that there is very little that would not be taken up by the private sector in travel, tourism and event development should VisitScotland, the councils or the enterprise companies not have funds available to support.

Your comments on what role the public sector should be playing in the next five years in tourism and hospitality would be welcomed. In the meantime the polar opposites of the value of Scottish Enterprise were highlighted in the linked article from The Herald.

Who's right?

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Anonymous said...

i doubt there will ever be an end to this massive waste of public money. Quango filled with quangees. (like that term)

Too much repetitive contracting of consultants who are on the buddy network.