Monday, 15 March 2010

Fife Golf Alliance Consultants Appointed

Edinburgh based BRS have been appointed to investigate the merits of a new Golf Alliance in Fife. The project which has been commissioned by Fife Council will undertake an audit of the Fife Golf Product and research and investigate the viability of setting up a Fife Golf Alliance. The work is planned in two phases, the first to assess the opportunity, the second, if positive, to help set up and hand over management of a Fife Golf Alliance.
You can get more information on the project's objectives at the Fife Golf site set up by BRS.

We don't know how this fits in with other plans about including the SGU Framework which has been floating about for a couple of years. We do know that Golf Tourism Scotland produced their own structure plan a couple of years back which was aimed at creating strong communication links at natioanl, regional and local level. There's little doubt that increased communication is required not only between golf tourism related businesses in each area but also between regions. The duplication of resources, expenditure and marketing crossover continues to be wasteful and in the end analysis detrimental to the industry. More joined up thinking at a national level with clear structures and responsibilities would be nice.
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