Thursday 22 October 2009

TourismMatters Industry Survey

Today, the 22nd of October saw yet another report from a national business body suggesting that tourism has had a strong summer and that the industry is set fair.

Yesterday we received an open email from a highly respected hotelier suggesting quite the contrary and his comments are certainly not isolated.

Anecdotally the position appears to have been good in some places, clearly not so good in others but the idea that it's been a good year for tourism needs further research. This survey is purposely simple and as unobtrusive as possible but has been designed to give a snapshot picture of how businesses have been performing and how they themselves view the future.

We do not believe there is enough current information out there and even a snapshot of the picture across sectors and geographical areas can help. This is a completely independent questionnaire put out to a couple of thousand businesses in the tourism industry in Scotland, it may not change thinking or revolutionise the industry but it may help inform. We will publish the results fully next week with analysis and it is therefore a genuine plea for you to take two or three minutes to complete the questionnaire for your business. This survey has been sent by Plan B, who publish the TourismMatters Blog and provide marketing and consultancy services to the tourism industry in Scotland. The responses will remain confidential and will not be used for any other purposes than collating a final report which will be made publicly available.

Click on this link to take Scottish Tourism Survey


gaelicwitch said...

25/10/09, Sunday- Nairn during the autumn half-term holiday, Families staying...what to do, may rain...Cawdor Castle- CLOSED, Fort George-CLOSED, Dunrobin Castle- CLOSED.... comment from one of the families...well thank goodness we chose only a 2 night stay here as there's not open what we wanted to see/do!! Let's hope Edinburgh has a better choice...but haven't we heard the trams are making moving about the centre difficult!!??
When are Scotland going to try and get their act together that if we want to be a "world class" tourism destination...we really have to get a finger or two out!!

Anonymous said...

Actually was only Fort Geroge museum that was closed, but that was seemingly what she wanted to see