Tuesday 13 October 2009

Extremists Label Not Helpful to Trump Cause

Not sure where the PR advice is coming from now but maybe George Sorial, Donald Trump's ambassador to Scotland, may find a thesaurus useful before making his statements.
The most recent is accusing Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton was of siding with "extremists" after opposing Donald Trump's plans for a multi-million pound golf resort in Scotland.
The film star has apparently added her name to a 15,000-strong petition backing four residents at the Menie estate, near Aberdeen, who face possible eviction to make way for the US property tycoon's planned luxury hotel, housing and golf complex and accused the Trump Organisation yesterday of bullying.
You can't help but notice the way blogs go and while they aren't necessarily the most representative of media they do often capture opinion effectively.
The irony of this cannot be lost on the political chatterers is that the possible compulsory removal of landowners (undoubtedly they would become known as The Trump Clearances!) from their land appears to be supported by an SNP government who I understand have not done a volte face on the Highland Clearances when tenants were, eh, yes forcebly evicted from their premises to make way for amore profitable land use.
It's just not going to help labelling those who protest at compulsory purchase orders as extremists.

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