Monday 10 August 2009

Irish Golf Green Fees Slashed

Email received from Killarney Golf and Fishing Club in Ireland re-enforcing the difficulties that some in the Irish Tourism industry are facing.

The rates for 2010 are 70% of the same rates for this year. Similar rate reductions are expected across the island for 2010 from an increasing number of tourism operators.

Killeen this year is €130, 2010 is €90; Mahony’s €100, next year €70; Lackabane €39 was €80 will be €50. If you visit the website even greater discounts are on offer through August.

It may seem distant to us but the knock on effect will be a re-alignment of the cost of golfing in Ireland and may see some upturn in their visitor numbers over the year. If the dollar continues it's climb against the pound the cost benefits we're seeing in Scotland this year could be removed. Worth some of our own clubs considering their own rates for 2010?


Anonymous said...

With the EURO so strong against the POUND this year is anyone reporting extra visitors from the EURO zone heading Scotlands way?

Anonymous said...

from a tour operators position i would say no. Biggest problem is i have lack of availbility of face priced St Andrews Old Course t times. to pay an extra £1000 each golfer to Old Course Experiance is not viable to golfers or to europe agents. I met standrews persons in Orlando PGA Show and they onyl interest in talking about ballot and castle course. why woudl i promote these ???

Anonymous said...

old course experiance = £1850 per person at Old Course Hotel for three nights + round at new, old, carnoustie
costs = £175 x 3 = 525
old and new = £195
carnoustie = 150
total = £870
not quite a £1000 mark up but its not a kick in the b***s off of it as the old course expeiance through in a few bits and pieces as well.I guess this is what happenes when the ways of obtaining tee times are kept so limited. Originally the keith prowse contract was to pay for teh links clubhouse now it must ber continuing to pay for the castle course. Perhaps they should re name it mcgreggors folly.