Tuesday 2 June 2009

New Corporate System For Booking Engine

One of the latest updates from online booking specialists Bookassist is getting its market talking.
The Corporate System update brings a major opportunity for Bookassist users to make even more use of the online reservation system as James Kennedy from Bookassist Scotland explains.

"Corporate and booking agents want a specific and high level of service to streamline their work and each hotel or group needs to provide solutions to them, not additional problems or roadblocks. With Corporate System, agents can quickly access a customised booking area, view preferential rates and any public special rates and make use of stored details autofilled in bookings."

They can also enter specific guest details on behalf of their customer and arrange for SMS and email confirmation to that customer as well as search and manage existing and previous bookings."

The System is already generating a lot of interest with hotels seeing potential savings and market opportunities for new business. You can click the link to find out more about Bookassist Corporate System.

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