Friday 24 February 2012

Owners of Dalry's Blair House Confirm Sale

I noticed in last week's Sunday papers that the contents of Blair House in Ayrshire were being sold - bit of a shock as I hadn't heard it was even up for sale.

A quick Google search found an open letter from the Borwick's. I have to say that it is a great shame that the property is changing hands after so long in the family. I was also then going to say that it had always been a great venue for meetings and exclusive use but perhaps again highlights that it would be a loss to Ayrshire's hospitality portfolio.

However a quick phone call to Blair put me right!

Caroline Borwick advises that they will be staying on in the grounds and that the new owners, Energy Minister Charles Hendry and his wife Sally who bought the property for £2.5 million late last year will be continuing to market the business.

According to an interview in The Telegraph in November, "The Conservative energy minister and his wife, Sallie, whose first husband was a member of the Moores family that once owned the Littlewoods Pools empire, have spent up to £2.5 million on Blair Castle in Ayrshire.

“At a time when many are concerned about finding employment, we will be providing local people with jobs,” he tells Mandrake. “My wife will look after the business side. It’s ideally located, as there are four championship golf courses in the area, and there will be weddings.”

He adds: “It will not interfere at all with my work as a minster or my constituency work. We will continue to live in Sussex where my constituency is.”

So there we go, not all as bad as we thought and means there's now a couple of more Tories in North Ayrshire!

Regradless, our best wishes go to Caroline and Luke Borwick who were always the most engaging of company.

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