Wednesday 12 January 2011

Friends and Family Rates Go Online

The recent addition of the creation of Promo Codes to the Bookassist system is allowing hotels in Scotland even more creativity in promoting their empty rooms.

The most recent being rolled out by the Scottish team is the integration of Friends and Family rates.

Ian McCaig explained, "We all think that the Promo Codes is a fantastic tool but still not being used to full potential by the hotels and we've started proposing specific uses. Friends and Family was triggered by a recent stayover in one of our Inverness properties when I called ahead looking for a rate. The idea of using the hidden promo code rate to give access to reserving a Friend and Family rate on-line made sense. As a result we've gone live this week with a couple of hotels who are now using the deep link to the hidden rate to sell some off season rooms."

The Inn at Lathones are now planning to use the F&F rate over the coming weeks. Owner Nick White explained, "We have a number of travel trade partners and industry colleagues who we often offer heavily discounted rates to manually - the Promo Codes now allow us to mail it out to the whole list and subject to our controls on availability they can book the 50% rate online. It remains secure and we sell some rooms without the public seeing the discounted rates. Ideal solution and we are planning to do a similar promotion for fam trips in the spring."

For more information on how you could get the most out of Bookassist's Promo Codes give the Scottish office a call on 01292 521404 or mail

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