Wednesday 20 October 2010

Monte Carlo Rally Revs Up For Glasgow 2011

Great piece of news for Scotland that the Monte Carlo Rally will be returning to Glasgow for the first time since Slade were at number one. That's the early seventies for those who can't remember Noddy Holder.

According to various press reports  between 70 and 100 cars will be at the start point at George Square ahead of the flag being waved to signal the start of the Scottish leg of the rally on the 27th of January.

It's small niche events like this that will sustain Scotland in the media and for sure provide benefits to the more aggesive marketeers within the accommodation sector. Will there be a rash of Monte Carlo or Bust accommodation pacakges in and around Glasgow for that period? We hope so.

The only thing that yet again frustrates us in here is that there is this overwhelming need for every event to have seven figure economic benefit attached to it for fear it may not be deemed positive enough.

It is a great event, a positive achievement by those involved in making it happen so just drop the need for the "£1 million boost to the local economy say tourism experts" addendum. It's really not needed.

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