Wednesday 21 April 2010

Plan B on Side With The Staggies

The thing about working at Plan B is you're just never sure what the next phone call is going to bring...

So it shouldn't have been a surprise when we got a phone call late last week from Kenny from Highland band Torridon asking if we could help out with their idea to release a single to mark Ross County's historic Scottish Cup Final appearance at Hampden next month.

Of course when we're asked to do these things the brain tells you to hang up, the heart however tells you that this is why you're in this business and not in banking. It's about taking some time out to smell the roses and just enjoy the project to the full.

So yes it was and since yesterday morning we've been finalising details with the venue - The Ironworks in Inverness; we've sorted out the sound recording with Dingwall based Highland Backline; met with The Sun discuss some promotional opportunities; discussed the lyrics with the band and hopefully have finalised a distribution deal for the proposed launch of the single on 10th of May.

It's great fun, not perhaps a day to day occurence but it's great to be involved in, absorbing, challenging and requires us to be able to think quickly, adapt, adopt and decide at on the spot. We'll keep you up to date with the progress of the song which is being recorded live in Inverness on Tuesday 27th April.

Good luck all involved

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