Tuesday 5 January 2010

Bookassist announces Protel PMS Integration, further streamlines online business for hotels

In a major upgrade to its XML Connector technology, Protel hotel technology and online strategy firm Bookassist (bookassist.org) has announced the successful integration of its award-winning online booking engine with the Protel (protel-hotel-software.com) hotel property management system (PMS).

The solution allows hotels using Protel PMS products in-house and Bookassist's booking engine on their websites to seamlessly connect the two technologies. Incoming reservations from the website booking engine are automatically passed to the PMS, eliminating the need for any management or intervention by hotel staff.

Time and cost savings are the obvious advantage for hotels, together with improved accuracy of data in the PMS and a more up-to-the-minute representation of availability.

The OTA/XML-based integration of the two systems has already been deployed across all hotels in the ARCOTEL Hotel group (arcotel.at) in Austria, Germany and Croatia.

Ian McCaig from Bookassist in Scotland commented on the new product, "Many hotels have been asking about Bookassist's PMS integration throughout 2009 and this introduciton of the XML Connector is great news for accommodation providers in Scotland who recognise the need to build their direct online room reservations."

Protel integration is just one of a number of "flavours" that the Bookassist XML Connector product comes in, with leading PMS vendors now seamlessly connected with Bookassist's hotel booking engine. Further announcements will be made in the coming weeks regarding market-leading vendors connecting to XML Connector.

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