Monday 11 February 2013

Bookassist Talks 'Redistribution' at ITB Berlin

The World's Leading Booking Technology Provider, Bookassist, will have a major new product launch at the ITB travel fair in Berlin on March 6th next.

"2013 is a turning point for Bookassist", according to CEO Dr Des O'Mahony. "We started the year as a world leader in booking technology, and now we are building on that with the launch of our new Bookassist Distribution Manager at ITB, a major new platform for the company to build on for the future".

Intelligent and dynamic redistribution is the key

ITB sees the first public outing of the new Bookassist Distribution Manager. Built from the ground up by Bookassist, the technology will go far beyond basic channel management. The system has been in beta testing with a number of hotels in different European markets in recent months.

"Channel managers are popular and useful tools, but their aim is a relatively blunt one. They help the hotel sell anywhere online. Basically, they are agnostic - they don't care where the hotel sells", explains O'Mahony.

"Bookassist Distribution Manager will actively and intelligently help the hotel to get the best margin on what it sells and where, not just distributing to online sales channels and the hotel's website but actively redistributing from one channel to another when demand is recognised, constantly favouring the sale point with the best margin for the hotel. Active redistribution is a concept that Bookassist is introducing to the channel manager space with this platform. And we have a very exciting roadmap for where this platform will go through 2013 and beyond".

Bookassist's long background in direct sale strategy on hotel websites is a distinct advantage in the dynamic redistribution game. The company has continually worked with hotels to favour the direct web channel as the channel of highest margin, while taking advantage of exposure and distribution on third party channels where it is beneficial to do so. Hotels are well aware that Bookassist's approach is to favour the hotel's direct channel over other more costly distribution. This software puts that strategy directly into practice with real benefits to margin.

Bookassist is exhibiting at Hall 8.1 / Stand 108 at Berlin's Messe. To arrange contact with the team, please email

About Bookassist 

Bookassist ( creates and manages consistently successful online strategies for hotels and develops world-class booking and distribution software to ensure hotels drive more direct bookings and increase direct revenue. Bookassist is the industry-leading booking engine and online marketing provider for hotels in Europe with thousands of hotels using Bookassist services.

Bookassist in Scotland is overseen by partners Plan B - if you are interested in finding out more contact the team by email or call 01292 521404

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