Monday 10 December 2012

Best Book Direct- Your Guests Have Gone Mobile On You...

There are hundreds of pages outlining how the guest browsing and booking experience has moved from desk to mobile. We're not going to outline the arguments any more because this is not something you need to consider; it's something you need to do!

Who needs a mobile website? Businesses of all sizes. Mobile is the fastest growing method of accessing hotel information online. This is not the future – it is very much the present.

The Bookassist mobile version integrates the same availability that will be on your website, your Facebook (and your VisitScotland channel from June 2013) and configures it for the mobile user. Simple swipes and a couple of touches and the room is confirmed.

The guest gets confirmation, can check Facebook updates and even be routed directly to the property with the integrated mapping software. You can now tell your guest just to log onto your website and they'll be automatically redirected to the mobile site and the map with directions.
Customer care and added value alongside mobile bookings!

The Open Rooms Mobile website is built within the Content Managed System giving you the opportunity to introduce new pages and drop them into the navigation as well as managing your late availability and rates utilising the full power of the integrated Bookassist Booking Engine and also includes mapping, image galleries and whatever additional pages and content hotels wish to put on it.

The Mobile hotel site features:

  • Full content creation and editing with Drag and Drop page management
  • Location-aware mapping with automatic routing from current location to the hotel (where supported by the phone)
  • Live online availability powered from by the Bookassist Extranet
  • Room descriptions and photos and integrated customer reviews
  • Integrated photo gallery
  • Fast and easy-to-use full transaction engine for booking
  • PCI-DSS compliant security, credit card verification and SMS booking confirmation
  • Feature entire hotel groups, seamlessly interlinking each hotel.
  • Integrated Google Analytics for all bookings
  • Properly built platforms drive DIRECT conversion and Open Rooms mobile will help you get your business working on the move.

Things To Do Today

  • Activate your mobile booking strategy now with your Bookassist booking engine if your system doesn't offer mobile version maybe you should be asking some questions.
  • If you're not using Bookassist call 01292 521404 to find out more about the award winning solution to your booking problems

Downloads, Links and Reference

Latest updates with award winning Bookassist Mobile web app
Download the PDF guide to Bookassist Mobile Version
Find out how Bookassist could help your mobile conversion - Read More

The Best Book Direct series is being produced in conjunction with the on-line marketing team at Plan B and the award winning Bookassist Booking Engine
Email or call 01292 521404.
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