Friday 20 November 2009

Ryanair Pass Up New Revenue Opportunity?

Is Michael O'Leary's PR department on holiday this week?
I mean the biggest story of the week is Ireland's defeat at the hand of Henry and look nothing from the Dublin offices of President Michael.
Opportunities surely abound?
Threaten to cancel routes landing in French speaking destinations? (He's done that already? Oops sorry). Refuse to sell french wine on board until the replay's announced?
The very least he could do would be to slap on an arbitrary "Henry Hand Luggage Tax" to all travelling French passengers carrying anything more than a French passport!
As things go it's probably not any more unfair than some of the other charges online.


Anonymous said...

perhaps he should make all french travellers stand on the flights. Oh sorry. He is planning that already for everyone.

Anonymous said...

And if they want any service they can't press the buzzer... they've got to put their hand up!