Tuesday 19 April 2011

Bookassist Launch Online Res for Facebook

Bookassist, the online marketing booking engine, has this morning gone live with it's new free Suite of Bookassist Apps for Facebook which gives Bookassist hotels four separate Apps that are simple to install and use, and require no maintenance. Hotels across Scotland can now provide Online Bookings, Special Offers, Voucher Sales and Customer Reviews to your Facebook Fans from right within the hotel's Facebook Page!

And because the Apps take information directly from the Bookassist Hotel Admin system, the hotels never have to worry about keeping your Facebook apps up to date - changes made in their Hotel Admin appear in Facebook immediately, just as they do on the hotel's own website.

Simple to install, simple to use and for Bookassist Hotel clients, they can start using the Apps now for free.

Booking Engine

The Bookassist Booking Engine App for Facebook uses the same tried and trusted technology as Bookassist's popular Booking Engine for hotel websites and is just as feature-rich. Hotel's can boost their direct revenue by embedding the app in their Facebook Page and sell directly to their Fans. They can even have automatic Facebook Promo Codes appear so that Fans get special prices complete with secure transactions with multicurrency and multilingual capability, and maintenance free.

Special Offers

Bookassist client hotels can also embed Special Offers directly into the Hotel's Facebook page with ease, and have them automatically updated when they change the details in the Bookassist Hotel Admin system.

It's just like the special offers on a own hotel's website and it's automatically managed from Bookassist Hotel Admin - and the system allows display of Facebook-only specials for Fans.


Hotels can install Bookassist Vouchers and now offer direct online and offline vouchers to their Facebook fans just as they can directly on the hotel's website! Hotels can offer vouchers for fixed prices (E-vouchers) or vouchers for specific packages to fans. E-vouchers for fixed monetary values can be redeemed directly online in the booking engine by recipients during booking.

Real Guest Reviews

And last but not least, Hotel's Bookassist Reviews can be embedded in the Hotel's Facebook page. Bookassist's Booking Engine collects reviews from customers who have actually booked and stayed at the  hotel and now those reviews can be shared directly on Facebook to show potential guests what previous visitors have said about the hotel, improve the confidence of potential bookers and thereby increase direct sales potential.

See Bookassist's Facebook Apps Live Across Scotland Now
Going Live?

If you're a Bookassist client simply contact Bookassist by email requesting activation of the Facebook Apps and the hotel will be able to accept reservations on their Facebook page within minutes - and it's all part of the Bookassist service.

If you're interested in finding out more about how Bookassist can improve your online conversion give Bookassist a call on 01292 521404 or email them for their new product suite pack.

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