Friday 11 July 2008

Golf Tourism Matters - Doesn't it?

A lot of the work we do is for tourism related businesses - we have the web design side working with golf courses, hotels and guest houses, attractions and organisations such as Ayrshire Food Network - and like most industries there are challenges ahead for many of these sometimes small and often independent businesses.
We manage and administer the day to day operations of Golf Tourism Scotland from the Ayr office and this week has been fairly hectic pulling together the arrangements for a national workshop at Ayr Racecourse for up to 75 delegates from across the country and all aspects of the industry.
The word crisis is not being bandied about without caution but there is increasing concern and growing frustration from the industry that it's knowledge, experience and potential input is simply being ignored by the public sector bodies.
How will this frustration express itself? Time will tell but it seems a strange strategy for the tourism marketing bodies and government departments to ignore the free and motivated talent that is available in this country. Having worked with many of these individuals in projects spanning more than a decade their passion, understanding and creativity cannot be understated. To not utilise this skillset really is nothing short of criminal.

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